Explain,why having basic networking skills is important and relevant, regardless of your role within IT, at a small- to mid-size organization.

In order to recommend a design that is aligned with the real-world requirements and evidences a cost effective solution to business needs, prepare a report that lists the features and prices of equipment (hubs, switches, routers, etc.) that you have considered for your plan. Your plan should analyze these competing features and prices and offer justification for your recommendations of equipment.

You may research the capabilities and shortcomings of equipment from vendor Web sites or brochures, published evaluations of trade organizations, or from any other technical or marketing source. You may research available pricing from any retail or wholesale outlet.

Your report must be written in APA style and include proper in-text citations and a References page that lists your sources of information.

This research requirement supplements the project in order to promote your development of the skills to devise and critically analyze competing solutions and to articulate your analysis and a justification for your recommendations.

Design Document – Grammar and spelling will be evaluated as well as your ability to include the following information:
1.Cover sheet including: ◦Student Name
◦Course Number and Section

2.The body of the design document will include the following sections: a.Floor plans and layout specification ◦A copy of the floor plans and layout specification, on which you have indicated the location of all networking devices and the type of each device.

b.Design explanation ◦A written explanation of the design of the network that specifies the types of cabling and topologies that will be used to connect hosts, concentrators, wiring closets, and the floors of your facility. State the goals of your design, and explain how your design supports the goals, including the operation of devices (including OSI Layer concepts) and services used to support communication across the network.

c.IP addressing scheme ◦An explanation of the IP addressing scheme that you will use in the network. Specify which IP addresses or ranges of IP addresses you will assign to internetworking devices and to various types of hosts (servers, printers and workstations, both administrative and academic). Your network must also include a Web server, DNS server, DHCP server, SMTP server, FTP server, and Telnet server.
◦You should use “Private” addressing.
◦To allow for growth and scalability, you should use class A or B private addressing.
◦Use subnetting.
◦Make sure to include an explanation of how you came up with the addressing and how subnetting was achieved and why.

d.Common network utilities ◦A brief explanation regarding how an administrator could utilize common network utilities to verify small network operations and analyze data network traffic.

e.Network equipment spreadsheet ◦A spreadsheet that specifies makes and model numbers of all networking equipment to be used, the quantity of each item of equipment and the cost of each item, and the total cost of networking equipment to be used in your design. (Research supplement)
3.Summary ◦Summarize, with a two to three paragraph conclusion, why having basic networking skills is important and relevant, regardless of your role within IT, at a small- to mid-size organization.

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