Discuss,what are the sources and methods you are utilizing to collect data on the client?

a) Select an advanced assessment tool and describe your rationale for the choice. What are you trying to assess? What are the sources and methods you are utilizing to collect data on the client? How complete and reliable is the data?

b) What will the outcome of the assessment tool provide for your client?

c) How comfortable are you with the particular assessment tool? Describe your feelings in using it with the client and explain your reactions.

d) Based on the information youve gathered through the assessment process, what is the diagnosis? What diagnostic/nosological system (DSM 5, Person-in-Environment (PIE) have you employed? Why? Is the diagnosis impacted by cultural context? Does the classification limit your understanding of the client (system) or facilitate it?

e) Begin to develop a rationale for a particular practice plan (which you will develop for the next assignment).

f) Consider the implications of your assessment for creating an intervention plan with the client. What are your jointly determined problem statement(s), goals and objectives?

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