Discuss the racial/ethnic group in which your example is directed.

The media can include any form of print media, newspaper ads, articles, books, magazines, commercials, television shows or movies. Prepare a presentation in which you show us your example and discuss the racial/ethnic group in which your example is directed If you use a movie – only one scene from the movie should be used. Please include the following in your presentation; 1. Clearly define your example and identify the group in which the stereotype is directed.(10)pts) 2. Explain why the depiction of the minority group is negative and explain how the stereotype is prejudiced. Please include a brief definition of stereotype and prejudiced. (10pts) 3. Give a short history of oppression for the group in which your example is directed (i.e. women, homosexuals, African Americans, Women). (15pts) 4. In light of the history of oppression for the group discuss the ramifications for portraying this group in a stereotypical manner. (In other words tell how the stereotypes can lead to discrimination.) (15pts)

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