Describe necessary roles for each position on the HRIS project team and how they are organized.

Read the attached GenRays Case Study before completing this task.??Scenario:??The management of GenRays has decided to adopt a Human Resources Information System (HRIS). With multiple offices and a local human resource office and payroll system for each location, management considers the current system functional but very inefficient and costly.??The company recently implemented a new centralized system for finance, purchasing, logistics, and accounting. This system has provided cost savings and other benefits. Management expects that similar business benefits would be possible with a new centralized HRIS as well.??You have been selected as the project manager for the new HRIS project. As the project manager, you will create the project team and create the plan that will be used to communicate necessary information to both internal and external stakeholders impacted by the project.??Task:

A. Create an HRIS project team organization chart showing the potential positions needed to complete the project.

1. Describe necessary roles for each position on the HRIS project team and how they are organized.

2. Recommend a team member for each position on the HRIS project team.
a. Justify your recommendation for each position.

B. Create a communication plan for the HRIS project by doing the following:
1. Complete the attached GenRays Communication Plan Template.

2. Explain the information and communication needs of key internal and external project stakeholders you included in the GenRays Communication Plan Template.

3. Discuss how the information you and your team are planning to communicate to different stakeholders about the HRIS project (e.g., milestones met, current project status, issues encountered) meet the stakeholder needs you identified.

C. Create a plan in which you document at least 5 topics that would be appropriate to present to the different group of stakeholders at the close of the HRIS project.

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