Explain how gender informs the largest and the smallest decisions in your everyday life.

demonstrate that you understand the basic concepts of gender and the social construction of gender. You will turn in a four to five page paper discussing your gendered story—in other words, how you currently “do gender” every day, and how this came to be. A successful paper will begin with who you are now, how you do gender from morning until bedtime (but just describe important examples), and how you exist as a gendered being in society. Provide examples of your gendered routine, what you wear, the products you use, how you interact with friends, family members, and coworkers, and so forth. Describe how you interact with different people and institutions in society as a gendered being and how the institutions themselves are gendered. Use what you learned in the course materials about different institutions in society, such as the media, the workplace, the family, religion, the educational system, and the government, laws, and politics. Explain how gender informs the largest and the smallest decisions in your everyday life (your lifestyle, relationships, career, etc.). Make sure to integrate gender, gender role, gendered institution, doing gender, and the social construction of gender, other important concepts, and gender issues to your gendered story. Once you have discussed who you are now, explain how you got here. How were you socialized into the particular gendered being that you are now? Where did you learn your gender? What institutions and social groups shaped who you are today? Be very specific and provide examples for each institution and social group (e.g., My mother always dressed me in pink and taught me to cook and clean; My role in the family was. . ., My teachers told me

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