Discuss,what health risk do you expect to tackle by implementing this intervention?

Implementation of the Care Plan

You are now in Phase 6 of your Capstone project. You have developed a comprehensive care plan for the aggregate. Over the next two weeks, you will implement your plan in the aggregate.

You have only about two weeks to implement your care plan, so begin smallsay, one or two families, or a small group of 510 people.

The first step to effective implementation is planning. As you go about this task, answer the following questions:
What small group have you selected (for example, three families with young children, a group of five AIDS patients, and so on)? What made you select this particular group?
What portion of the plan would you like to implement in the small group?
What health risk do you expect to tackle by implementing this intervention?
What results do you expect?
How do you plan to implement this intervention? Do you have any specific strategy in mind? What resources will you need?
How long do you think it will take for the results to be seen?

By Saturday, March 5, 2016, prepare a 1-page Microsoft Word document with your responses to the questions above and submit it to W8 Assignment 2 Dropbox.

Submit your proposed implementation to the Discussion Area simultaneously and discuss it with your classmates and your instructors you may receive valuable feedback from them that will help in making your implementation more effective.

Discuss what resources you need. Put your plan into action.
Mobilize the resources you need, talk to the small group, recruit volunteers, etc.
When your resources are in place, put your plan into action.

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