Explain,what does makeup artist insurance cover?

based on the business of makeup artists. This piece of research should include the following, each separately.
1: Beauty Industry Context- Show a strong understanding of the area of the industry that and where appropriate show industry hierarchy. Transition from Bridal Makeup Artist to Makeup Artist and explain the difference. Makeup Artist Market research on local competitions. find out what other Makeup artists are charging and offering services In Leeds, west Yorkshire, UK and Manchester and also London.
2: Research on Makeup artist Insurance, public liability, kit insurance, tax, self assessment,soul trader, limited company and explain why and how? Does it cover photo shoots, commercial, weddings, wedding faires and what else does makeup artist insurance cover? and how are you doing to get around logistics? get quotes from few different websites from UK.
3: Commercial Models and photographers daily rates in Leeds West Yorkshire and London and also international models and photographers and models.

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