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You have two options for this assinment. You can: (1) utili(se one opthe surveys supp?ied to you on Moodle and collect data, or (2) pic Iatopica organization orarea of interest, identify a re search problem and dev elop a research methodology to study the problem. f ou o no); use one of the supplied surv eys, you mustobtain approv al forthe topic you propose to study before commencing work. Yourtask is to: 1. Collect data (surv e s or interview responses) 2. Input and analysethe data using SPSS and or Micro soft Excel. 3. Prepare and submit your report,following the format set out below (referto chapter 11 of yourtextbook for additionaldetails): 1. it e a e (includirqggdisclaimer statement) 2. Letter of transmittal (to the client/ business/ lecturer) 3. Executive summary – summary of entire report in 1page. 4. Table of contents incl. list oftables/graphs/exhibits and appendices 5. Problem definition and re search objectiv es using literature and/or industry data tosupport 5. Methodolo y a. forthose o?you creating your own questions, discuss each of the questions utilised as well as methodology chosen. b. For those of youusing a supplied questionnaire, discussthe methodology and briefly critique the questions. 7. Data analysis & results 8. Limitations and caveats 9.Recommendations and conclusions 10. Reference list 11. Appendices – which may include: Data collection forms (e g: copy of surv ey/ interview questions) Disc withSPSS data on it or interview responses Detailed calculations (if use d) Word limit: 3,000 words (excluding appendix). Late assignments will be Eenalised by 10% perday. Extensions must be applied for in writing, however, there is no guarantee that extensions will be granted. xtensrons will need to hav e supportingdocumentation, such as original medical certificates. As a general rule, one day’s extension may be granted for one day’s illness. Submit: On Moodle, by

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