Explain,why has Norman Rockwell often been associated with quintessential American imagery?

Read the article FDR’s Four Freedoms as a Human Rights Instrument by Elizabeth Borgwardt (2008) to answer the following questions in thoughtful and well developed paragraphs. Answers should be in your own words and any use of quotes should be acknowledged by use of quotation marks and the page number in parenthesis at the end of the sentence before the period. The analysis should exhibit observation, thought and application of formal elements in the discussion.

1. Why has Norman Rockwell often been associated with quintessential American imagery? Why wasn’t he encouraged by the government to create posters for them based on the Four Freedoms?
2. Rockwell went ahead and created four paintings that were inspired by FDRs speech The Four Freedoms, but decided to express the ideas in simple, everyday scene stake them out of the noble language of the Four Freedoms proclamation and put them in terms everybody can understand. What does Rockwell mean by this and how has he translated this idea into his art?

3. Analyze and answer the following questions for Freedom of Speech: Why might these people have gathered? Where might they be? What do these people have in common? Are there any differences? How does the title relate to the image? What is going on?
4. Compare and contrast Rockwell’s version of Freedom of Speech to the WPA poster promoting FDRs four freedoms (consider formal elements and historical/cultural context).

5. If Norman Rockwell were alive today, what model might he have chosen for his freedom of speech painting?

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