Explain,what UTAUT-related hypotheses you can construct?

1. why it is useful to use UTAUT (in Introduction and Methodology)
2. what UTAUT-related hypotheses you can construct? e.g. age correlates with PEOU, PEOU correlates with intention to use and so on (in Introduction and Methodology)
3. how UTAUT informed the questionnaire design (in Methodology)
4. how you analysed the data to reveal the relationships between the UTAUT constructs (in Analysis)
5. why the new constructs you introduced are needed (how do you prove this?) (in Analysis and Results)
6. what you have proved with regard to UTAUT in other words does the model work for this case? i.e. does the data you have gathered tell the same story as other UTAUT studies? Does it work better when you introduce new constructs?

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