Explain,If you have met that expectation, what would you be like today if you had not?

In the “Upset Expectations” narrative, your goal is to reflect on an expectation someone has had for you, you have had for yourself, or you have had for someone else that has played a role in your life somehow. Maybe it was an expectation that caused you to make a major life change, or see the world or a certain person differently. What people made you aware of this expectation? What does this expectation mean to you? How valuable is it that you meet the expectation or defy it? If you have met that expectation, what would you be like today if you had not? How has it shaped who you are now? Are you still trying to meet that expectation or defy it? What were the surrounding events that occurred when you met or defied the expectation? In this assignment, you will explore the part of your identity that is immersed in expectations. This exploration will take place in a narrative format, meaning a story with a beginning, middle and end. Narrative can employ techniques such as the use of dialogue and a progression of scenes. You will read more about narrative techniques in Allyn & Bacon, Chapter 6. Consider both the negative and the positive experiences you’ve had with the expectation. Embarrassing moments can be just as interesting to your audience as triumphs. Speaking of your audience, don’t forget to bear them in mind as you write—and your audience is not only your instructor and peers, but an academic audience in general. Imagine you are writing to “college people,” students, professors, and community members. The reason it is better to imagine a more general academic audience is that it will prevent you from assuming that the reader knows anything about you. We, in this class, may know, for example, where you are from or that English is not your first language, but the audience for this narrative does not know those things. If you want them to know something, you must explain it to them using interesting details and clear sentences. In fact, it is better to show them that something is the case, with an interesting scene for example, than to just tell them. The key to a successful narrative is focus. You must choose the most important and appropriate characters, descriptions, images, etc. Make the setting, point of view, and organizational pattern work for you and your story. If you are having trouble focusing, bear your purpose and your audience in mind as you write. Objectives: – Reflect upon a significant, interesting question taken from your experience with an expectation – Use narrative for a specific purpose (e.g. argue a point, provide an example, communicate an emotion) – Tell a clear, cohesive story with a beginning, middle and end – Practice rhetorical sensitivity, bearing in mind your purpose, audience and genre – Connect positive and negative events from the past to your current feelings about the expectation – Practice a recursive writing process, including invention, drafting and revision Requirements and guidelines: All drafts and essays must be typed, doubled-spaced, Times New Roman 12pt. font. Your margins must be one inch, and you must have a heading. Essays must conform to MLA style rules (check Everyday Writer). Your peer review draft should be about 1000 words. Your final draft should be about 1600 words or more. Evaluation criteria: You will be graded on your overall writing process. This means that I will collect your essay in portfolio format. When the final essay is due, you must include your invention work, drafts, peer reviews and revisions in a simple pocket folder with your name on it.

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