Explain why his QI initiative would be useful to the particular context you are in.

identify from your clinical experience an area for quality improvement (QI). This QI initiative can be related to any part of nursing practice or management, that will enhance patient care, the clinical environment or operation of your ward. Previous QI initiatives identified by students include: a new form of patient handover; a new education program regarding wound dressings; medication room redesign; management of nursing fatigue; etc In your essay you are required to:  Introduce the concept of continuous improvement and it’s importance in health care  Describe the QI initiative – this initiative needs to be one that is identified by you, it is NOT to be a report on an existing initiative underway or completed in your hospital or ward.  Provide a rationale for the QI initiative – explain why his QI initiative would be useful to the particular context you are in and refer to the literature for evidence to support your argument and the expected benefits of this initiative;  Chose a framework from the literature to guide the development of your implementation plan – refer to change management theory to support your choice of framework  Present an implementation plan for the QI initiative – you need to provide as a minimum: a clear plan that provides strategies for implementation including identifying and managing challenges to implementation, identification and description of key stakeholders and how they are to be engaged; a consideration of power relationships within your stakeholder group; a suitable timeline for implementation; consideration of costs (where applicable); and education and evaluation strategie

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