Explain the purpose of the commentary and the methodology used to investigate the problem or issue.

A brief and focused introduction should explain the purpose of the commentary and the methodology used to investigate the problem or issue. Business tools, techniques and theory should be included to present the commentary in appropriate business format and to support the analysis and the judgments with relevant business concepts and theory In order to write the commentary the student should refer to secondary sources and may collect primary sources depending on the issue or problem investigated. These sources provide a vast and varied amount of information for the student to analyze and answer the question.
Three to five of these sources have to be selected and presented as supporting documents
for the commentary. They should be included in the appendices, with the relevant
sections highlighted by the student.
Although it is mandatory to include three to five sources as supporting documents, this does not mean that the investigation should be limited to these documents. Any sources consulted by the student but not chosen as supporting documents.

The rest of the information is found: https://mrpoenischbandm.wikispaces.com/file/view/B%2BM+Internal+Assessment+Student+2013.pdf

I chose the research question however if you feel that it is not appropriate please modify it. I also found a few sources that might be helpful:




Regarding the structure I would ask if it is possible to respect the outline given in:

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