Explain,why do you think Chopin narrates her story in the third person?

The book name is Models for writers by Alfred Rosa

Questions for Study and Discussion
1. What assumptions do Mrs. Mallards relatives and friends make about her feelings toward her husband? What are her true feelings?
2. Reread paragraphs 59. What is Chopins purpose in this section? (Glossary: Purpose) Do these paragraphs add to the storys effectiveness? Explain.
3. All the events of Chopins story take place in an hour. Would the story be as poignant if they had taken place over the course of a day or even several days? Explain. Why do you suppose the author selected the time frame as a title for her story? (Glossary: Title)
4. Chopin could have written an essay detailing the oppression of women in marriage, but she chose instead to write a fictional narrative. This allows her to show readers the type of situation that can arise in an outwardly happy marriage rather than tell them about it. Why else do you think that she chose to write a fictional narrative? What other advantages does it give her over nonfiction?
5. Why do you think Chopin narrates her story in the third person? (Glossary: Point of View)

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