Explain,what specific details does he give, and in what context does he give them?

Questions for Study and Discussion
1. Throughout the essay,Rowan offers details of Miss Bessie physical appearance. What SPECIFIC DETAILS DOES HE GIVE,AND IN WHAT CONTEXT DOES HE GIVE THEM. Do Miss Bessies physical caracteristics match the quality of her caracters (explain)
2. At what point in the essay does Rowan give us the details of Miss Bessies background? Why do you suppose he delays giving us this important information?
3. Throughout the essay Rowan offers details of Miss Bessies physical appearance. What specific details does he give, and in what context does he give them? (Glossary: Details) Do Miss Bessies physical characteristics match the quality of her character? Explain.
4. Does Miss Bessies drinking influence your opinion of her? Why or why not? Why do you think Rowan includes this part of her behavior in his essay?
5. How does dialogue serve Rowans purpose? (Glossary: Dialogue; Purpose) 6. How would you sum up the character of Miss Bessie? Make a list of the key words that Rowan uses that you believe best describe her.

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