Explain,what is Angelous purpose?

Question for study and discussion Have six question at in end of short essay . The book name is Models for writers by Alfred Rosa
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Questions for Study and Discussion
1. What is Angelous purpose? (Glossary: Purpose)
2. Compare and contrast the content and style of the interaction between Momma and the dentist that is given in italics with the one given at the end of the narrative. (Glossary: Comparison and Contrast)
3. Angelou tells her story chronologically and in the first person. (Glossary: Point of View) What are the advantages of first- person narration? 4. Identify three similes Angelou uses in her narrative. (Glossary: Figure of Speech) Explain how each simile serves her purpose. (Glossary: Purpose)
5. Why do you suppose Angelou says she prefers her own version of the episode to that of her grandmother?
6. This is a story of pain and not just the pain of a toothache. How does Angelou describe the pain of the toothache? What other pain does she tell of in this autobiographical piece?

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