Explain,what impression of Mr. Sessions does Welty create?

Questions for Study and Discussion
1. Which of the three patterns of organization does Welty use in this essay chronological, spatial, or logical? If she uses more than one, where precisely does she use each type? 2. In paragraph
2, Welty describes the smells that a person encountered when entering the corner store. Why do you think she presents these smells before giving any visual details of the inside of the store?
3. What dominant impression does Welty create in her description of the corner store? (Glossary: Dominant Impression) How does she create this dominant impression?
4. What impression of Mr. Sessions does Welty create? What details contribute to this impression? (Glossary: Details)
5. Why does Welty place certain pieces of information in parentheses? What, if anything, does this information add to your understanding of the corner store? Might this information be left out? Explain.
6. Comment on Weltys ending. (Glossary: Beginnings and Endings) Is it too abrupt? Why or why not?

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