Explain,what have you learned about the company and uses of financial information.

For the project, select an organization that you can find the financial statements for on-line. The objective of this activity is for you to be aware of what is happening in the real world as it relates to financial accounting issues to make the study of accounting more meaningful, and to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

The project requires a critique of the financial statements and annual report of the selected organization . Additional guidance will be provided .

Be sure to follow the APA style to reference your sources of information.
Please be sure to follow the APA style in text sources (e.g. Farinas, 2011, page x) and the format of the reference page (alphabetical with hanging indent).
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Financial Analysis Course Project Suggested Outline

The course project is designed to help students learn more about:
How to read financial statements
How to use financial statement information to learn more about the financial condition of a company
How to write about financial information

These are the steps:
Select a company to write about and enter that choice in the Choice of Course Project threaded discussion.
Find the annual report that includes the financial statements on-line.
Use the Excel worksheets provided (related to chapter 13 material) to do financial analysis. You may need to find more than the current year of financial information or the current annual report may have trend information you can use.
Write the paper (see outline below) and include the financial analysis in your paper. The paper should be about 1,000 words not including the tables and charts. See separate instructions on the various options for bringing your analysis information into the paper.

Suggestion Outline:
Introduction: describe the company, give some overall information about the company both non financial and financial. Non financial should include things like where they are located, how long they’ve been in business what they do, etc.. Financial might be high level things like total assets, current ratio, total revenues, net income, maybe stock info if publicly traded.
Analysis: show the results of your analysis and something about what it means.
Conclusion: what have you learned about the company and uses of financial information.

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