Explain,what does Walton learn from this extended and most memorable encounter?

choose a topic from the list below in order to gain a broader understanding of the texts we have read so far. Topics will cover thematic and social issues. This paper is a more focused close reading paper and should use the same kind of deep understanding and consideration of the scenes, dialogue, structure, and image that contribute to the reading that you are arguing for. The paper will examine the work as a whole rather than an isolated passage; however, you are required to use textual support as evidence in your paper.

1.Analyze Walton’s character and functions in the novel, noting analogies to Coleridge’s Wedding Guest and Dr. Frankenstein himself. Examine Walton’s past history, his reasons for journeying to the North Pole, and the emotional and psychological states of mind he depicts in his four letters to his sister. What does Walton learn from this extended and most memorable encounter? Has he been “saved” in time by the obsessed scientist, or is he destined to suffer a comparable fate?

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