Explain,In what scenarios is prototyping an ideal tool to use?

Please answer the following questions. One to two paragraphs should be sufficient for each question.
1.How important do you think formal project management training is to insure the success of a project? Please explain.
2.One of the articles posted this week reviews the triple constraint. Some experts believe that this is not enough another key element also acts as a constraint and a project manager should monitor this constraint to the same level as the other three. What is this constraint, and why do these pundits feel it is so important?
3.The waterfall method has fallen out of favor as an approach for software development in many organizations, but there are types of projects where a waterfall approach may the best choice for project success. What characteristics of a project are ideal for the waterfall approach?
4.In what scenarios is prototyping an ideal tool to use? What potential disadvantages can occur if prototyping is used?

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