Explain,how has Ackerman organized her essay?

Questions for Study and Discussion
1. According to Ackerman, exactly what causes leaves to change color? What particular conditions cause the brightest colors in autumn leaves?
2. Briefly summarize the steps of the process by which leaves change color in autumn.
3. Not only does Ackerman describe the process by which leaves change color, she includes other information as well. For example, she uses cause-and-effect analysis to explain what causes leaves to be particularly bright some years, to explain why trees turn color at different rates, and to explain why leaves lose their grip and fall from the trees. (Glossary: Cause and Effect) Did you find this information useful? What, if anything, did it add to your appreciation of Ackermans process analysis?
4. How has Ackerman organized her essay? (Glossary: Organization) Explain why this organization seems most appropriate for her subject.
5. Identify several figures of speech simile, metaphor, and personification that Ackerman uses, and explain how each functions in the context of her essay. (Glossary: Figure of Speech)
6. Reread Ackermans concluding sentence. What does she mean? Why do you suppose she has chosen to end her essay in this way? In what ways, if any, is it a particularly appropriate ending for her essay? (Glossary: Beginnings and Endings)

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