Discuss critically whether these types of misbehavior should be classed as financial crimes.

There have been several scandals in the UK and the USA recently involving financial misbehavior by bankers in which fines have been levied and prison sentences given. These include the LIBOR scandal, currency exchange rate allegations, breaches of sanctions, money laundering, manipulating electricity market prices, channeling the proceeds of drug trafficking, assisting tax evasion, gold price fixing and payment protection insurance scams. You are required to: (i) discuss critically whether these types of misbehavior should be classed as financial crimes (note – you are not expected to address each example given above individually); (ii) critically evaluate whether criminal law or civil law in the UK is better suited to dealing with such cases, (you should include comparisons to historical cases in your discussion); (iii) critically evaluate the motivations of those who are misbehaving in such cases, drawing on social theories of motivation for white collar crime.

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