Explain,what does your warm-up and cool-down routine look like?

 Who is your target audience? What equipment do you plan on using? What are your teaching strengths/weaknesses? Ie, what equipment are you comfortable using to teach strength? Can you teach specific skill such as martial arts or dance? Do you like to incorporate games into your classes? How many people do you feel comfortable handling at one time? What are your core exercises going to be? How can you modify or substitute them to be more or less challenging? What is your goal for your participants? What methods/equipment are you going to use to teach your class? What is the duration of each class? What specific components are you go-ing to include on a daily and weekly basis? What does your warm-up and cool-down routine look like? What specific skills are you going to teach? How many segments will make up your workout? (1-3 is ideal) What training methods/equipment will you use for each segment? How will you progress your clients from week to week?

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