Explain,what databases did you use for your search?

Activity/Assignment: Literature Review For this assignment, conduct a library search on your selected problem/topic. The research literature that you locate should be able to help you answer the PICOT question and to support the guideline, protocol, or policy that you have chosen. To assist with this endeavor, be sure to use the words that you used in the PICOT acronym (population, intervention and outcome) as key words for your search. To begin the search for evidence, we will start with research studies. The search must result in articles that are full reports of one research study. Systematic reviews, literature reviews, meta-analyses, meta-syntheses, psychometric studies or concept analyses will not be accepted. The articles should be current (within the past 5-8 years) and come from professional, peer-reviewed journals. Though it is preferred that the research article come from a nursing journal, it is recognized that as part of a research team, nurses may publish in journals from other disciplines. If the research comes from a non-nursing journal, one of the authors must be a nurse to ensure a nursing perspective in the research. In this course you are studying nursing, so it is important to keep that perspective during the literature review. The research studies that you identify must be applicable to your PICOT question and the guideline, protocol, or policy that you located. The study should be relevant to your nursing practice. If the study involves an intervention that only employs social workers, it is not relevant to your practice as a nurse. The purpose of examining the literature is to expand your knowledge specific to the discipline of nursing. For the literature review, answer the following questions in such a way that anyone using your answers would be able to retrieve the same identical articles in their search. 1. What databases did you use for your search? (Must use at least 3 different databases) 2. What were the initial search terms? What were the related terms? 3. What were the limits of your search? Include years selected, languages, types of articles, etc. 4. Write an annotated reference list that includes the three (3) articles. 5. Submit the three (3) articles in PDF (preferred) or HTML format. The rubric to follow are upload

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