Explain,Is it necessary for the average adult to take supplements?

“Eat your carrots, they are good for your eyes”; “Drink your milk, it’s good for your bones”; “Eat your spinach, it makes you stronger.” Have you ever heard these statements? Have you ever told your children these things just to get them to eat their vegetables? If so, then you are telling some truths. This week’s Seminar will focus on the role of vitamins and minerals in reducing the risk of disease. Come prepared to answer the following: 1. What role does calcium play related to rickets and osteoporosis? 2. What role does vitamin D play related to autoimmune diseases, rickets , and osteoporosis? 3. What role does vitamin A play related to cancer and immunity? 4. What role does sodium play related to hypertension and heart disease? 5. Is it necessary for the average adult to take supplements? Why or why not?

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