Explain,in what ways has your understanding of addiction counseling been enhanced through your work on this paper?

The research paper is designed to help you more clearly conceptualize the diagnoses and treatment of addictive behaviors. The overarching purpose of this part of this course is to further develop your personal and professional identity as a counselor who lives according to a biblical worldview so that there is greater effectiveness and precision in counseling situations that involve addiction. The paper is to be written in current APA style. The body of the paper is to be 8–10 pages total, so you will want to be selective about the words you use. The Research Paper Template and the grading rubric will help organize your work. You will need to support your work with at least 5 sources from professional literature in addition to your textbooks. Begin by clearly identifying your topic. This may be a particular type of assessment/treatment process, may deal with differential diagnosis, or may cover a particular addictive substance or behavior. Specify whether your topic area is related to assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and/or prevention. Additionally, be sure to specify whether your topic focuses on 1 or more particular groups of people (e.g., efficacy of drug abuse prevention efforts with urban adolescents from single-parent homes). Finally, include a section of about 2 pages on how you have learned about substance abuse and addiction counseling through your research. This section must be based upon the key concepts covered in your paper. Include your thoughts about such things as the following: 1. What implications does the research have for your decisions regarding whether and how you will counsel those struggling with addictive disorders or those who live with them? 2. Are there certain biblical principles or techniques that support or challenge your professional views and activities? Similarly, are there certain professional principles or techniques that support or challenge your current biblical views and activities? 3. In what ways has your understanding of addiction counseling been enhanced through your work on this paper?

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