Explain or inform about your observations regarding the data you collect in your Happiness Expense journal.

the paper is on how i don’t spend money very often The file that was sent is the thesis i came up with these r the instructions she gave us to follow Assignment Following the model described in the essay “Buy Yourself Less Stuff,” you will keep a Happiness Expense Journal over the next several weeks. The model we’re using differs from the one outlined on p. 28 of the essay: in addition to recording whether a purchase made you happy, you should also record how long the purchase made you happy. (See the template for recording posted with this assignment on the i College Content page.) The goal of this expense journaling is to keep track of your spending habits and their influence on you. In preparation for writing the essay, you will need not only to review the data you collect in the journal, but also reflect on what it shows about your spending habits. You will use the observations from your journal to write an expository essay. The goal of the essay is to explain to or inform your reader about any patterns you notice in your spending habits and/or realizations you come to about them, particularly in regard to the extent to which the money you spend brings you happiness. The thesis, then, should be some form of a statement like the following: Through tracking my spending over (x amount of time), I came to realize ___________________ about the money I spend. You do not have to follow that exact formula for a thesis; I have merely provided it as an example of the kind of main idea your essay should communicate. In the body of your essay, then, you’ll need to include specific details from and discussion of the data you collect in your Happiness Expense Journal. Audience and Purpose For this essay, assume a general, educated (in college or completed college) readership. Your purpose is to explain or inform them about your observations regarding the data you collect in your Happiness Expense journal. Specifics The essay should be a minimum of 3 full pages, and no more than 4.5 pages. It should be typed, double-spaced, in 12 point Times New Roman font, and the document margins should be set to 1”. You should include a heading in the top left corner of the first page only, formatted as follows: Your Name Class name (ENGL 1101) Instructor Name Date Due You should also include a title, which should be centered on the line of text between the heading and the first line of the essay itself. Do not include extra spaces between the heading, title, and text of the essay, and be sure that all text is the same font type and size. Use a header which includes the page number and your last name on all pages except the first

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