Discuss the significance of your results.

Provide background information on the project. Remember to include information on the specific mutation you investigated. Clearly state your scientific question and your hypothesis. Include the following: A detailed paragraph of C. elegans, their life cycle, where they are naturally found, what they eat, ect. A paragraph on distinguishing between males and hermaphrodites (adult and L4). Be sure to mention the use of the Him-8 strain, and its purpose for this experiment in the sex paragraph. A paragraph about your mutant worm-what gene was mutated (include gene name and allele), what protein (if known) does it encode, what happens to cause the phenotype you saw, do some research on this gene and find out some interesting information about it-why do people research this gene, ect. Finally, a paragraph on the purpose of this lab, what were you tasked with discovering/what was the question you were asking? What was your initial hypothesis (this may change depending on your original hypothesis-that is okay) Methods: Clearly describe the procedure (How did you set up each (both F1 and F2) of your crosses? How did you make maintenance plates? What strains did you use?, What types of plates did you use and what are the differences between them? etc.) You do not need to state the minutia, just the information that would be required for someone to be able to repeat your experiment. If you didn’t set up your F2 then state how it was set-up-ask if you are unclear. Results and Figures: Present your findings in writing and with figures. All figure labels must be clear and neat. Each figure must have a title and a legend. You must include 1) Punnett Squares of your F1 and F2 crosses and 2) tables with your F1 and F2 data. DO NOT just put all the data in one spot and then talk about it somewhere else. The prose of the results should introduce the experiment a bit and describe why you set-up the cross the way you did and then you should show the results for that experiment. Describe the results while referencing the data table or figure. Then move on to the next experiment and repeat. DO NOT discuss the importance of the data here that is for the next section. The results section is very boring. Discussion: Discuss the significance of your results. Did your data support your hypothesis? Why or why not? Discuss any sources of error.

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