Discuss how the issue you have chosen is relevant to the sociology of deviance.

In this course, you will complete a substantial research project on a topic related to the sociology of deviance. For complete instructions and project expectations, see the course project information in your syllabus. Your project proposal is due in this unit. The proposal lays the groundwork for your social deviance research project and is designed to get you involved in the research process so that you can work on your project throughout the course and be prepared to submit your project before the final deadline. Your proposal should be 2–3 pages of text, double-spaced, with title and reference pages, and in correct APA format. In your proposal: Describe the deviance-related issue you have chosen, and explain why you chose it. For topic ideas, review this week’s readings, the Deviance in the News presentation, and the Research Topics and Resources document. Include a few sentences on what you would like to learn from your research. Discuss how the issue you have chosen is relevant to the sociology of deviance. Consider how using the sociological imagination we read about in Chapter 1 would be useful for understanding the causes and consequences of the deviance-related issue you have chosen. Explain your thoughts regarding how perceptions of your selected deviant behavior or issue have changed over time and whether, and how, you expect these perceptions to change. List and summarize four potential academic sources you plan to use. Describe the usefulness of each source in understanding your topic. Two of these sources can come from the course—either the textbook or other assigned readings listed in the syllabus. The remaining two sources should be books or scholarly articles obtained from the Capella University Library. Web sites should not be used at this point, but credible Web sites can be incorporated in the reference list submitted with your final project assignment. Include a reference list with complete, APA-formatted citations of all sources mentioned in your proposal. Assignment Requirements To achieve a successful experience and outcome, you are expected to meet the following requirements: Written Communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.

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