Discuss how much stability and change have characterized your life so far.

Option 1: Although everyone experiences some physical change due to aging in the middle adulthood years, the rates of this aging vary considerably from one individual to another. Genetic makeup and lifestyle factors play important roles in whether chronic disease will appear and when. If you are a young or middle aged adult, what can you do at this point in your life to optimize your health in middle age? If you are an older adult, what could you have done better to optimize your health in middle age? Explain your answer. Option 2: Research indicates that people show more stability in their personality when they reach midlife than when they were younger adults. However, this does not mean that change is absent throughout middle and late adulthood, it is just usually not as prevalent in early adulthood. How much stability and change have characterized your life so far? How much stability and change do you predict will characterize your future development as an adult? Explain your answer.

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