Describe the most important result(s) of the paper.

Your article review should be around (but no longer than) 2 pages long, single spaced. It should contain the following parts, each clearly labeled under the appropriate heading. • Main research question (What are the authors trying to figure out?) • Hypotheses (What do the researchers think might happen in the study? Why? If there are competing hypotheses, explain those.)• Methodology used (Briefly, what was done in the study?)• Results (Describe the most important result(s) of the paper) • Conclusion (What do the results mean? What do they say about the hypotheses they initially raised? Why should we care about these results?) • Reflection (Please write a few sentences about your own thoughts on reading the article. This may include, but is not limited to: something that particularly interested you, ideas you have for additional research, a critique you have of the paper, issues of confusion/clarification questions, connections between this article and other ideas from class, etc.)

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