PSY 4200: Test Critique Assignment

Choose one specific test from your textbook – do not write about a general domain of tests.Discuss the purpose of the test (why would someone use it? with whom would someone use it? what does it measure? what will the results tell you?)Discuss the psychometric properties of the test — tell me the reliability and validity coefficients of the test.Tell me why you would or would not choose to use this test, based on what you have learned about it, and based on the reliability and validity coefficients.You must support your paper using 3 primary resources — these are journal articles or textbooks — you CANNOT use web sites.Your paper must be in APA style (review the APA style powerpoint we discussed from earlier in the semester).You must use in-text citations in your paper itself, which tells me where you’re getting your information from.Besides using in-text citations, you must provide a Reference page at the end of your paper, and it must be in correct APA style (again, the APA style powerpoint covers all of this).DO NOT use direct quotations in your paper.The following are the requirements for the critique:At minimum two and a half complete pages of actual writing, and at maximum three pages of actual writingAPA style writing (citations, etc) – you do NOT need a title page or an abstract pageAPA style reference pageDouble-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point fontIt should discuss the type of measure the test is (ability, personality, neuro, etc.). This should be at least ½ of a page.How it is used (population, where it is used – school, clinical setting, etc.) This should be at least ½ of a page.Who can use it (with regards to who can administer it and who can/should actually take it). This should be at least ¼ of a page.A discussion of its reliability and validity. This should be at least ¾ of a page.Finally, discuss your opinion about whether you would use this test or not in practice (give at least three reasons why or why not). This should be at least ½ of a page.Three references in APA style (your book or any psychometrics textbook). Additional references should be from PRIMARY SOURCES (journal articles). Internet or web articles are not permitted.APA style in-text citations should be used to denote which article you are pulling information from.DO NOT USE DIRECT QUOTATIONS! All writing should be YOUR original work. YOU WILL LOSE POINTS IF YOU USE DIRECT QUOTATIONS.

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