Discuss the rights of Cindy, as a shareholder, and of Sierra Hotel

Discuss the rights of Cindy, as a shareholder, and of Sierra HotelProject descriptionCASEAndrew and his wife Betty formed Health & Fitness Ltd, a private limited company.Andrew and Betty own 70 percent of the company and 30 percent is owned by Cindy.The three are also the only directors of the company, with Andrew appointed as themanaging director. Each director receives a monthly salary of £5000 from the company.The board of directors decided that the company should invest in the health foodbusiness. To generate capital the company decided to sell one of its businesses, theHealth Club, to the Sierra Hotel. All the directors agreed to the sale. However, after thesale of the Health Club, Andrew, as managing director, decided to invest in a health spabusiness with Betty’s agreement. Cindy disagreed with the decision on the ground thatthe health spa would not generate as much profit as the health food business. Cindyalso found out that the Health Club had been sold by Andrew at a much lower price.Cindy is always out-voted by Andrew and Betty in the shareholders’ and directorsmeetings.In the last 2 years, Betty has been busy with her own business, a shop selling organicfood, and has not been able to perform her duties as director of Health & Fitness Ltd.However she continued to receive her director’s salary from the company.The company has also been leasing a property owned by The Sierra Hotel. The companystill owes the hotel rent for 6 months amounting to £60 000. The Sierra Hotel wants tocollect the debt from Andrew and Betty who are the majority shareholders

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