the affects of cable news in people brain, and how it creates hatred within the US society by giving fake info

Essay #2, ENGL 122                                                                              The Informative SynthesisFor your second formal writing assignment in Composition II, you will write a 1000 word informative synthesis based on the principles in chapter 7 of. All writing may have some element of persuasion, but you want the primary goal of this essay to be a matter of teaching information rather than changing your reader’s mind about something.  This essay is about showing how sources speak to each other and explaining what can be learned from a close exploration of that conversation.An informative thesis can be subtle. It’s a synthesis in that it’s your way of putting together information, being as objective as you know how to be.  While much of the essay may be summary and/or paraphrase, it should be targeted around a comparative analysis. The introduction and conclusion and opening and closing statements in each paragraph are particularly important territory for your focus. This is your turf, where you need to package and reveal connections.You may use an alternating or block format. You may also break from such a structure to mix and match, depending on what makes sense with regard to your texts. The point of a format is to give your reader and yourself a sense of logical organization; it’s a model to build from, not a strict set of rules.  If logic says you need to talk about one source for a period of time in a different way than you talk about the others, then do that.We will work in topic groups so that others studying the same (or related) material can help keep you steered toward objectivity and, of course, to deepen your analysis.  You should be writing to teach each other what you are discovering. The group’s discussion can and probably should be part of the synthesis.You will need at least three sources cited in MLA Parenthetical Citation Style.   Write as engagingly as you can, certainly, but also clearly and concisely in order to be effective.9/30                       Essay #1 due; discuss synthesis topic ideas10/2                       Read “Conducting Research” in Lunsford 178—193 (research question, scholarly and popularsources, library resources, useful internet sources, field research, evaluating sources); Discussresearch approaches10/7                       Bring in articles for group discussion; discuss individual plans to share with the class10/9                       G&L 180-186 “Avoiding Plagiarism” and “Integrating Quotations into YourWriting”; in class work on drafts10/14                     First draft of Synthesis due for peer review10/16                     Read “Language” chapter of Lunsford 146-160 (audience and language, appropriate language,levels of formality, denotation and connotation, figurative language, specific and concretelanguage); Style workshop10/21                     Peer editing of second (clean) drafts10/23                     Final draft due; Introduction of Researched Argumentative Synthesis

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