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CURRENT MARKETING TOPICS (CMTs)Each graduate student will locate recently published articles that discuss the development and application of marketing strategies relative to one or more of the 4 Ps by a company for one of its products (or services).  After evaluating the firm’s current marketing strategies for this one product (or service), the graduate student will recommend marketing strategies he/she thinks the company should adopt, and justify these suggestions.  Finally, the graduate student will prepare a detailed implementation plan for one of his/her recommended marketing strategies.Articles chosen may come from any secondary source, including company websites, trade publications (e.g., Advertising Age), professional and/or academic journals (e.g., Journal of Marketing), professional magazines and newspapers (e.g., Business Week and Wall Street Journal), government publications, etc.  These articles should have been published within the past two years.  Personal interviews of relevant executives of the firm are also acceptable sources of information.CMT write-up should follow this outline: (percentage weight/importance of each section indicated in parentheses)I.    Brief Summary of Company and Product (5%) (1 page)III.    Identification and Evaluation of Four Marketing Strategies Used (25%) (4 pages)A.        What specific marketing strategies were used?B.        Briefly evaluate the appropriateness of each marketing strategy.IV.    Four Recommended Marketing Strategies (35%) (4 pages)A.    What specific marketing strategies would you recommend?1.    NOTE: While “hire a Marketing consultant”, “conduct Marketing research”, etc. are viable recommendations in the real world, these suggestions will NOT be accepted in this course.B.    Why?  Justify each recommended marketing strategy.C.    Provide details of each recommended marketing strategy.  For example, if“Advertise on TV” is recommended, what would be the purpose of theadvertising (e.g., inform)?  Who would be the target market?  What typeof advertising would be used (e.g., direct competitive)?  Etc.V.    Implementation of ONE of the Recommended Marketing Strategies (35%)( 4 pages)A.    How would you specifically implement one of these marketing strategies?1.    Provide details of the implementation of this one recommended2.    marketing strategy.  For example, continuing the “Advertise on TV” recommendation from III.C., what would be the nature or contents of the advertisement itself?  What percentage of the total promotion budget would be allocated to TV advertising?  What TV channels would be used?  On what TV shows would the ad appear? What days of the week and hours of the day would the ad air?  How frequently would the ad be shown each month in a year’s time?  In what geographical areas would the ad be aired (e.g., Midwest)?  What states and cities within the Midwest?  Etc.VI.    References CitedIt is acceptable to make an assumption or two, if necessary, in orderto adequately complete theCMT assignment.  But, this (these) assumption(s) must be relevant as well as stated within the text of the paper and presentation.

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