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Please observe the word-count allotments for each task and carefully read instructions. Type your answers into this exam file and email to. Files must be submitted in MS Word format.Write essays in response to the prompts below. Be sure that you select only one essay question for each section for(i.e., 2 short essays and 2 long essays). Make sure your essays are thesis-driven (i.e., organized around a main argument) and analytical. Don’t just recount what happened. Start with your main idea and insert details, as needed, to support your argument. The textbook will be a useful resource, but above all else your essays should utilize the primary sources read thus far in the course as evidence to support their points. You will need to target aspects of each question in order to answer them convincingly in the space allowed. As a result, I recommend focusing on specific examples that elucidate and support your main argument rather than simply producing an historical narrative that strings together events in a non-analytical fashion.This will be an open-book test, meaning that you can utilize distributed materials, the Reader (R), textbook (AW), visuals, and any class notes you have taken during the course. I recommend citing source evidence that is integral to your argument using parenthetical citations: e.g., (R, 15-16) or (AW, 200). Clear citations will help make your argument more convincing. You are, however, permitted to use any other materials or to work with or receive help from anyone. Please take these restrictions seriously. Any evidence that a student has violated these guidelines will be grounds for failing the exam as well as possible referral to USD’s Academic Misconduct Board.Youdigitally sign the Associated Students Academic Integrity Pledge on the last page of this exam in order for your exam to be graded.Youdigitally sign this Associated Students Academic Integrity Pledge in order for your exam to be graded.“I have neither given nor received unauthorized assistance on this examination.”Sign (digitally by typing your name):

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