Explain,what dangers does a company face if it focuses only on tactical decisions?

Comparing Tactical and Strategic Decisions

During this simulation, you have been making tactical and strategic decisions. Keeping these in mind, address the following questions:

  • What are the differences and similarities between the tactical and strategic decisions you have made?
  • How often did you need to change your strategic decisions? How often did you change your tactical decisions?
  • What dangers does a company face if it focuses only on tactical decisions?

Also, review the overall process by which your team worked together over the course of the simulation and answer the following questions:

  • How did your decision-making process evolve over the sequence of decisions?
  • Why did you make the changes that you did in the decision-making process, or why did you not change?
  • Did your decision-making process result in better decisions as the simulation progressed, and why do you think it did or did not?

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