Describe John Bowlby’s definition of the term attachment.

Ainsworth: ”

1. Describe John Bowlby’s definition of the term attachment from our textbook and complete the following questions #1- 6.

  1. In 3-5 Sentences describe Secure Attachment and what you learned from the Videos.
  2. In 2-4 Sentences describe the benefits and outcomes of Secure Attachment.
  3. Describe the 3 forms of Insecure Attachment.
  4. Can irritable, fussy behavior in a young baby change with sensitive parenting? If so, what is involved? See Chapters 2 & 7.
  5. How does Secure Attachment affect compliance and conduct? See Chapter 5.
  6. Provide an example of someone you know, yourself, your child, or a sibling and how you believe they did or did not benefit from Secure Attachment. How has their life been impacted, especially in their adult or adolescent relationships?

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