Describe each alternative, and explain how the alternatives differ from one another.

The following outline is required for your Course Project.

  • Executive Summary (less than one page)

    This summary is a short, carefully worded description of the problem situation that identifies the recommended solution. A brief justification and explanation of the selection method is to be included, highlighting factors that contributed to selecting the recommended alternative.

  • Decision Problem Overview 

    Describe the nature and scope of the decision problem selected, its history together with causes, and the outcomes of any previous attempts to deal with it.

In order to define the problem correctly, the following questions should be addressed.

  • What is the general nature of the problem?
  • What event triggered the situation?
  • Are we imposing any constraints on the situation?
  • What are the underlying elements of the problem?
  • Are there dependencies on other decisions?

Briefly introduce the key decision elements—objectives, alternatives, consequences, and uncertainties; details are to be discussed in the following sections.

    • Objectives Statement 

      Explain each objective in detail. Separate objectives into fundamental and means objectives. A minimum of three objectives is required.


    • Alternatives 

      Describe each alternative, and explain how the alternatives differ from one another. A minimum of three alternatives is required.


    • Selection 

      Describe the alternative recommended and why. Explain the tradeoffs you utilized or present a weighted scoring model. Explain why you feel that this report contains sufficient information to make a decision on the problem. Describe any additional information that would be useful to have.


    • Consequences 

      Explain how you determined the values for each alternative and their corresponding objectives. Show your consequence table, either in this section or as an appendix. Include the bases for forecasts and any techniques or tools used to estimate consequences. Discuss the reliability of your predictions. Indicate what events were considered to be uncertain, explain the probabilities of their occurrence, and what information you used to establish your confidence level in these probabilities. A minimum of two uncertainties is required for the paper.

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