Explains how to set up a festival booth.

Unit 4 – Discussion Board

Write a letter of 3–5 paragraphs of reprimand or recognition to an employee who has performed problematically or magnificently during a specific festival preparation activity. Remember to remain civil, on task, and very precise in your description of circumstances that warranted the letter. Near the end of the letter, state the consequences resulting from the employee’s performance, and mention that this letter will be placed in the employee’s permanent files.


Unit 4 – Individual Project

Write an instructional guide of 1–2 pages that explains how to set up a festival booth. Be sure to offer a clear heading that summarizes the task, use numbered lists if and when necessary, and do not mix instructions with conceptual information. Your level of detail should reflect the skill level of the person performing the task. Close by letting the reader know when the task is complete.

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