Explain how mood/emotion could impact decision making in this situation.

Social psychologists have long studied the relationship between emotion (affect) and cognition, and there are many studies which demonstrate that emotion does indeed impact social cognitive functioning. For example, emotion can impact attention, judgments and decisions, cognitive processing/flexibility, perceptions of morality, and stereotypes/prejudice. Not only does emotion impact social cognitive functioning, but research also indicates that emotion, itself, is a social construction wherein social factors influence emotional response and emotional responses have social ramifications.

For this Discussion, select a peer reviewed article from the Walden Library which studies emotion (affect) and its impact on social cognition, including but not limited to attention, judgments, decisions, cognitive processing, flexibility, perceptions of morality, and stereotypes and prejudice. Based upon the article you selected, consider whether or not emotion is a social construction.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 3 a brief summary of the peer-reviewed article you selected from the library (include the key variables, the design, and the main findings). Then, post an argument for or against the notion that emotion is a social construction. Use the article you selected to support your argument and include any connections between emotions and social cognition.


Impact of Mood on Decision Making

The awareness of moods and emotions provides you information about your individual circumstance and about your interactions with others. This information, in turn, helps you make decisions and judgments. For example, if you were in a bad mood, you might make a global judgment regarding life satisfaction. If you were in a good mood, you might decide to sky dive from an airplane because you were feeling elated and excited to try something new. Moods and emotions greatly impact your decision-making process, and it is important to understand this connection.

For this Discussion, review the media titled Social Cognition and Affect, and consider why the person in the video made the decisions he or she did and what impact moods and emotions may have had on his or her decisions.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 4 a brief explanation of three possible reasons why the person in the media made his or her decision. Be specific. Then, explain two ways mood/emotion may have impacted this person’s decision. Finally, describe one life or death situation and explain how mood/emotion could impact decision making in this situation.

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