Discuss,what are some of the signs and symptoms for the client in your scenario?

rovide Headings For Each Question Being Asked

Heading One: Scenario Summary

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Heading Two: Signs and Symptoms

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Heading Three: Addictive Substances

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Heading Four: Services Offered for Children

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Heading Five: How do the services different from adult services.

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  • Write 3 Paragraphs of Content (5 sentences make a paragraph) your title page, abstract or reference page does not count towards your page count. Provide at least one references with in text citations.
  • Double Space Throughout your Submission
  • Use Times New Roman Font, Size 12
  • Indent each paragraph


Addiction to illegal substances and alcohol is a coping mechanism that many children use to deal with the intense and painful reality of child abuse/neglect. The cycles of addiction can be generational and very difficult to overcome.

Create and describe an addiction scenario involving a minor and offer suggestions for which services you believe would be the most effective in that scenario. Provide details for the scenario such as age of client, signs of abuse, and the type of abuse. Be sure to address the following questions:


  • What are some of the signs and symptoms for the client in your scenario?
  • To what substances is the client addicted?
  • What services are generally offered to help children break addiction and how do those services differ from services offered to adult addicts?

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