How will developmentally appropriate practice influence your career as an early childhood professional?

You have learned that developmentally appropriate practice is not an activity or a strategy but a complex decision-making process, an approach to care and education, and even an underlying philosophy of programs and policies. It is a foundation of every quality program for young children.

How will developmentally appropriate practice influence your career as an early childhood professional? What are your goals and intentions with regard to incorporating developmentally appropriate practice in your work and to further your professional growth?

To complete this Application, do the following:

Review and Reflect

Consider your response to the following multi-part question:

As an early childhood professional, how will what you have learned about developmentally appropriate practice influence your career in relation to:

  • working with children;
  • working with families;
  • working with the community (where you live and where you work);
  • working with other professionals; and
  • your professional growth?

To help you answer each part, review the readings for this week and the video presentation on developmentally appropriate practice. Take notes on ideas, insights, perspectives, and professional objectives that have meaning to you.

When you are ready, complete the written assignment below.

State Your Intentions

Summarize your thoughts, plans, and goals with regard to the ways you believe developmentally appropriate practice will influence your career in relation to working with children, families, the local community (where you live and work in the future), and other professionals, as well as your own professional development.

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