Explain how early sexual experiences impacted you.

The purpose of this paper is to promote sexual self-awareness so that students will be able to counsel and minister ethically as well as knowing (cf. Rom. 12:3; Ps. 26:2; Ps. 42; Ps. 43; Prov. 14:8; Jer. 17:9).  Some students’ hearts fall in their stomachs when they realize they must write down and share their sexual story.  However, virtually all students report that this paper had a positive, significant, and critical impact on their lives.  In fact, many state that this paper has been the best assignment in their entire graduate program.  Most importantly, this paper’s content will be held in the highest of confidentiality and protection in Blackboard.


  1. Content of Paper.
  1. Each student will complete and submit a paper that shares his or her sexual story/journey.
  1. Write the paper in a narrative format, not an outline format.
  1. Start with your earliest memory and develop specific, key experiences and situations that shaped who you are as a sexual person.
  1. As you develop your sexual history, relate which events you have struggled with and wish could have been different. It is not required address each item listed below; they are only provided to stimulate your thinking.

(1)  Consider those people, relationships and influences helped shape your attitudes/values about your body, masculinity/femininity and sex at various points of your development (elementary, high school, etc.).

(2)  Recall specific messages or incidents that created some of your attitudes, values and priorities.

(3)  Consider how sexuality was handled in your family of origin

(4)  Reflect on how early sexual experiences impacted you

(5)  Consider how particular incidents brought insight and growth and those that have provided woundedness

(6)  Consider any unfinished business that may need healing or further growth

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