BUS 3050 Unit 3 essay

Bus 3050 Unit 3 Please read the entire document titled Bus 3050 Unit 3 instructions carefully and be sure to review and follow the Discussion Participation Scoring Guides, Guidelines, Checklists, Projects Goals & Activity Scoring Guides, Checklists.All needed resources have been attached—-You may need to reflect on previous units work so please be sure to do. Please if you find any other material is needed let me know immediately. Please have support contact me by phone call for a quick response.Login Access has been attached please see document titled ebook login access.Please title each paper and provide each assignment and discussion on a separate pageExample: Bus 3050 Unit 3 Assignment 1 —— Bus 3050 Unit 3 Discussion 1Unit 3 Assignment 1 should be 2 pages properly detailed with 3 references and 1 scholarly article.Unit 3 Discussion 1 should be 1 page properly detailed with 3 references****Please pay attention and address all questions properly.

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