Discuss the potential effect of the images and typography on first-time visitors.

discussion question not a paper! read before sending me a hand shake

150-200 words


Evaluate one of the following Websites for correctly applied image and typographic principles:


1.What do you want to do today? From Interfaceware, via http://help.interfaceware.com/

2.Tips to succeed in an online course, by US News, via http://www.usnews.com/education/online-education/articles/2013/01/14/5-tips-to-succeed-in-an-online-course

3.Gulliford County, NC Veterans Memorial via http://gcveteransmemorial.org/photo-panels/

4.Manifest Destiny Overview, from PBS, via http://www.pbs.org/kera/usmexicanwar/prelude/manifest_destiny_overview.html


Evaluate the website to see how the application of image and typographic principles affects the visual identity, and then answer the following questions:


1.Describe the website you choose, and then identify the basic image and typographic principles as applied to the website.

2.Discuss the potential effect of the images and typography on first-time visitors.

3.Describe how the use, or misuse, of images and typographic principles contributes to the site’s visual identity.

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