Explain in your own words why there is a need for live system forensics.

  • Determine whether or not you believe displaying warning banners on your company- issued personal computers are a necessary security control. Explain what a warning banner can add to the overall security program and eventual potential legal posture of the company.
  • Based on your experience (e.g., work, school, public computer, etc.), indicate whether or not you have seen warning banners displayed and describe the situation(s). Explain whether or not you believe the company did or did not recognize the need to use warning banners


  • Summarize the legal process for cases involving digital crimes and the affect you perceive that computer investigations can have on the process. Determine why it is important for a computer investigator to have Level 3 training to conduct an investigation.
  • Conclude whether or not you believe the legal process for cases involving digital crimes is keeping up with the times and the advancement of technology. Explain one area of law that you believe should be improved when it comes to digital crimes, legislation, and investigations.


  • Use the Internet to find a recent example of a corporate high-tech investigation. Briefly review the investigation so that you thoroughly understand the situation. Be prepared to discuss.  explain the procedures followed in the corporate investigation you researched. Provide a separate situation / scenario in which these same procedures would be ideal.
  • Explain in your own words the purpose and importance of utilizing proper investigation procedures in corporate incidents and cases in both enterprise and small- to medium-sized businesses. Indicate the potential downfalls of not using these procedures.


  • Determine what you perceive to be the value of forensics lab accreditation and whether or not it is important. Explain whether or not you believe lab certification is a requirement for law enforcement agencies and provide justification.


  • Go to the ASCLD / LAB Website located at http://www.ascld-lab.org/ . Review the process of forensic lab accreditation and research one ASCLD accredited lab in your area. Be prepared to discuss. outline the process of forensic lab accreditation and determine what a laboratory needs to do in order to fulfill the requirements. Identify an ASCLD accredited lab in your geographic location and further research this lab. Povide an overview of its operations and accredited capabilities.


  • Describe at least three challenges of performing data acquisition on a device using a RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) disk configuration. Determine whether or not you believe any one RAID configuration presents more challenges than the others and provide justification.


  • Use the Internet to research and select at least one forensics tool that aids a forensic specialist in RAID data acquisition. Be prepared to discuss, thoroughly describe the RAID data acquisition forensics tool you researched, including at a minimum its functions, advantages / disadvantages, and cost. Explain why you would consider utilizing this tool as a system forensics specialist, and provide a scenario where this tool would assist you in an investigation.


  • Explain in your own words why there is a need for live system forensics and discuss how this type of analysis improves on static system forensics analysis. Describe the challenges with data consistency and why this is an area of concern for system forensics specialists.
  • Analyze the four acquisition methods to determine whether or not these methods are suitable for live data acquisition. Outline the process you would take to determine the best acquisition method for live system analysis.

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