Describe how older age may compromise the acid-base balance processes.

The normal pH range for systemic arterial blood is between 7.35 and 7.45. Any levels that drop below a pH of 7.35 is a condition known as acidosis. Any levels that rise above a pH of 7.45 is known as alkalosis. Acidosis can depress the central nervous system, which if severe enough, can lead to death. Alkalosis can overly excite the central nervous system causing muscle spasms, convulsions, and even death. Either end of the spectrum can result in an unwanted outcome


  • Define each condition by including the levels of PCO2 or HCO3- and the pH levels.
  • Identify at least three or more common causes for each condition.
  • Describe the compensatory mechanism for each condition in detail; include whether the kidneys or lungs assist.
  • Describe treatment mechanisms for each condition when the regular compensatory mechanisms are not working well.
  • Describe how older age may compromise the acid-base balance processes. Be sure to include any changes associated with the kidneys and the lungs.

Basic Writing Expectations:

  • Paper should be at least 800 words, not counting the title or reference pages, answering all questions listed above.
  • Include a title page, double space, font size 12 pt. Times New Roman.
  • A minimum of at least 4 credible peer reviewed sources should be used.
  • Use APA style for all citations.
  • Avoid plagiarism.
  • Make certain that your paper is free of grammar and spelling errors.
  • Refer to Assignment rubric located in the course Syllabus and scoring guide located in Doc Sharing for additional guidance.

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