Explain why the ability to work effectively in teams is so important in business.

1.      Briefly explain why the ability to work effectively in teams is so important in business.

2.      Briefly describe the contents and importance of a meeting agenda.

3.      What is telepresence?

4.      List at least three benefits of effective listening in business.

5.      Briefly describe the three roles nonverbal signals play in communication.

6.      During a meeting with coworkers, your mobile phone rings. Should you answer it? Why or why not?

7.      While having lunch with a client, what should you do with the business papers you brought to discuss?  Why?

8.      Briefly describe at least three advantages of a diverse workforce.

9.      What is ethnocentrism and how can it be overcome?

10.    Explain the difference between a high-context culture and a low-context culture and provide at least one example of each.

11.    Before conducting business in another country, why is it worthwhile to learn common phrases in the native language even if your clients there will speak English?

12.    A new employee who speaks English as a second language has just joined the design team you lead.  You notice that she often looks confused during conversations.  Describe at least three useful strategies for this situation.

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