Explain alternatives are available for dealing with the inventory problems?

For this discussion, refer to Chapter 13 of your Operations and Supply Chain Management textbook, and review the case study Scientific Glass, Inc.: Inventory Management (2011) by Wheelwright and Schmidt. Respond to the following questions:

  1. Identify the two basic decisions addressed by inventory management, and discuss why the responses to these decisions differ for continuous and periodic inventory systems.
  2. What were the problems facing Scientific Glass, Inc. in January 2010?
  3. How much external funding would have to been raised in 2010 in order to finance operations?
  4. How do Scientific Glass, Inc.’s problems illustrate the relationship between the number of warehouses and inventory levels?
  5. What alternatives are available for dealing with the inventory problems? How would you evaluate the alternatives?
  6. What actions should Eva Beane have proposed to Eric Gregory and Melissa Hayes?

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